Christmas Repertoire 2021

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12 Days of Christmas – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
12 days of christmas - Alto.mp31.59 Mb
12 days of christmas - Bass.mp31.59 Mb
12 days of christmas - Soprano.mp31.59 Mb
12 days of christmas - Tenor.mp31.59 Mb

Ding Dong Merrily On High – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
Ding_Dong-ALTO.mp3647.75 Kb
Ding_Dong-BASS.mp3650.61 Kb
Ding_Dong-SOP.mp3647.35 Kb
Ding_Dong-TENOR.mp3646.53 Kb

Do You Hear What I Hear – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
Do-You-Hear-What-I-Hear-SAB-Alto-Predominant-arr.-Mark-Brymer.mp34.61 Mb
Do-You-Hear-What-I-Hear-SAB-Bass-1-Predominant-arr.-Mark-Brymer.mp34.61 Mb
Do-You-Hear-What-I-Hear-SAB-Bass-2-Predominant-arr.-Mark-Brymer.mp34.61 Mb
Do-You-Hear-What-I-Hear-SAB-Soprano-1-Predominant-arr.-Mark-Brymer.mp34.61 Mb
Do-You-Hear-What-I-Hear-SAB-Soprano-2-Predominant-arr.-Mark-Brymer.mp34.61 Mb

Feliz Navidad – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
Feliz_Navidad-ALTO.mp31.43 Mb
Feliz_Navidad-BASS.mp31.43 Mb
Feliz_Navidad-SOP.mp31.43 Mb
Feliz_Navidad-TENOR.mp31.43 Mb

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
01_have_yourself_a_merry_-satb_choir_combo-soprano.mp31.92 Mb
02_have_yourself_a_merry_-satb_choir_combo-alto.mp31.92 Mb
03_have_yourself_a_merry_-satb_choir_combo-tenor.mp31.92 Mb
04_have_yourself_a_merry_-satb_choir_combo-bass.mp31.92 Mb

Jingle Bells – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
Jingle Bells - Alto.mp3669.31 Kb
Jingle Bells - Bass.mp3669.31 Kb
Jingle Bells - Soprano.mp3669.31 Kb
Jingle Bells - Tenor.mp3669.31 Kb

Lullay My Liking – all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
Lullay My Liking - Alto.mp32.91 Mb
Lullay My Liking - Bass.mp32.91 Mb
Lullay My Liking - Soprano.mp32.91 Mb
Lullay My Liking - Tenor.mp32.91 Mb

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Mariah Carey -Low, Mid, High, Soloist, accompaniment and full performance
Filename / LinkSize
01_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-solo-Chorus-LIGHT_choir-combo-solo.mp32.95 Mb
02_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-solo-Chorus-LIGHT_choir-combo-high.mp32.95 Mb
03_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-solo-Chorus-LIGHT_choir-combo-mid.mp32.95 Mb
04_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-solo-Chorus-LIGHT_choir-combo-low.mp32.95 Mb
05_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-solo-Chorus-LIGHT_choir-combo-all_voices.mp32.95 Mb
Soprano-part-santa-claus-is-coming-to-town.mp31.26 Mb
santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-backtrack-mp3.mp34.43 Mb

Silent Night– all voice parts
Filename / LinkSize
Silent-Night-ALTO.mp31.68 Mb
Silent-Night-BASS.mp31.48 Mb
Silent-Night-SOP.mp31.48 Mb
Silent-Night-TENOR.mp31.48 Mb