ARC Virtual Choir Registration

It’s certainly a crazy time! While we miss our weekly rehearsals together and can’t yet plan our next public performance, we have found a way to Just Keep Singing. Whether you are joining weekly Zoom rehearsals with ARCappella, or you fondly remember singing with ARC or you were lucky enough to find us on Facebook, we invite you to be part of the ARC Virtual Choir 2020.

Our first project is ambitious and certainly an ARC favourite. Whether you have ever tried a choral arrangement in ARCappella, or you’ve sung this at an ARC Theatre after party, or just love the song (how could you not!) we invite you to join us in a virtual performance of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Our arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody will have amazing harmonies in 6 parts – you choose the right one for you. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect! Try your best. We have also suggested a few spots for some air guitar, head banging, or waving a light, just to have some fun when you record! Here are the part descriptions:

  • Soprano 1 – Ladies -You need to be able to sing your high notes, yes the really high ones!
  • Soprano 2- Ladies -You need to sing high, but its not glass shattering!
  • Alto 1 – Ladies – Not as high, good middle range
  • Alto 2 – Ladies – Good middle range, we need you!
  • Tenor – Gentleman with higher voices, or Ladies with a lower range
  • Bass – Blokes – You can sing low, its all about the bass….

We will provide everything you need to join our virtual choir including:

  • Sheet music score
  • Rehearsal click tracks with your part
  • Instructions on how to record your video and upload it to our webpage.

To register for Bohemian Rhapsody ARC Virtual Choir Project please complete the Registration form below. You will then be provided with a password to access the Bohemian Rhapsody resources & video upload page on our website with all the details you require to get started!

Your registration and recording must be completed and uploaded by Friday 26th of June. Please note that places are limited!!

Please enter you email address
What is the name of the song you have sung in your video for the ARC Virtual Choir
Please select the part that you have sung in your video. If you have been asked to record a solo section/small group part please select 'Other' and include details in the comments below.