ARCappella is run by a small committee of volunteers that look after the day-to-day management of the choir.

Director / Conductor: David Perry
Having studied piano and violin since early childhood, David Perry started his tertiary music studies with Pamela Page at the University of Queensland in 1989. A teacher of classroom Music in primary and secondary schools since 1997, David has been using the Orff Schulwerk approach in his teaching since 2007; firstly at Oakleigh Grammar where he established a Music and ensembles program, and then at Watsonia North Primary School, where he has worked since 2010. As a teacher of adults, David has lectured in Music Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, worked as a mentor to primary classroom teachers in the National Music Teachers Mentoring Program, and has presented workshops at the Early Childhood Conference of Performing Arts since 2012. Besides teaching, David has been the conductor of ARCappella community choir in Preston, Melbourne, since 2008, and has undertaken extensive choral training as well as giving workshops in this area. Some of David’s original compositions and arrangements have been performed by ARCappella. He has created content for the Melbourne Festival and Sydney Symphony Orchestra education programs. He holds a Level 3 Music and Movement certificate from ANCOS.

Manager: Amelia Van Lint
Amelia is a founding member of the choir and has had a passion for singing for a long time. She also manages the ARC Children’s Choir, which was newly established in 2016. Due to its successful pilot year, the ARC Children’s Choir continues in 2017.

Assistant Manager: Rowena Archer
Rowena has been a member of ARCappella for many years now and enjoys going to see musicals.

Secretary: Camilla Lee
Camilla has been with ARCappella for seven years, and has a passion for group singing. In her spare time she likes to sing and strum the guitar, but not always together.

Finance Officer: Jennifer Mananghaya
Jenn recently joined ARCappella after many years of wanting to sing with others. She’s very good with excel and numbers. 

General Representatives:
Chris Evans
Jack Ellis
Steve Baltizis
Vanta Jameson